What is Fashion Rewrite?

Fashion Rewrite was started two years ago to share with others my love of vintage clothing and DIY style. During that journey I was turned onto ethical style by a few bloggers and was awaken by a couple documentaries about the 'fast-fashion' world and how the world is constantly being polluted by this concept.  Well, I've always  looked at nature as the best food for the soul, so I knew I had to rethink the way I invested in my own style. 

In the beginning it seemed really daunting changing the way I thought about fashion. I wanted to invest in labels that cared about the entire manufacturing process and how it affected the world. One of the easiest way I found in my lifestyle change was to create looks from what I already had around the house. I love sewing, so I'm constantly up-cycling thrifted finds in my closet and creating easy DIY fashion projects from recycled materials.

You can check out my favorite vintage and ethical shops through my blog as well as great traveling tips for the minimalist at heart. Sometimes, I'll even sell some of my exclusive vintage finds and ethical handmade clothing through my online shop. AND if your DIY obsessed like I am, I'll give you step-by-step instructions on how to recreate new looks through my DIY page.