What is Fashion Rewrite?

Fashion Rewrite was born two years ago out of a desire to share my love of vintage clothing and DIY style with the world. The fashion world is...a-hem...slayFUL...so as my experience in this dog-eat-dog world grew, so did my imagination and thirst for inspiration. My journey opened my eyes about the ‘fast-fashion’ world and its incessant pollutant consumer nature. In that world, there was little room for nature’s nourishment. I’ve always been pulled towards nature and her beautiful gifts, so naturally, I was moved towards rethinking the way I invested in my own style.


Daunting. Motherf***ing daunting, to say the least. The fashion industry is Goliath. It is a  “we do things the way we do things” industry, so I had to completely change the way I thought about and presented fashion. Needless to say, Fashion Rewrite is different.


Fashion Rewrite is smartly ECO-CONSCIOUS and intelligently relevant.


I now care about investing in labels that consider the ENTIRE manufacturing process and how it affects our world. SO, I did the work and walked the walk. And, I’m here to share my journey with you. If I can do it, so can you.


One of the EASIEST paths I now walk is the DIY lifestyle. This is user-friendly. This is the getting-you-the-look-along-with-the-PRACTICAL-and-ETHICAL-everyday LIFESTYLE. I started with what I had. I took fabrics, old clothes, scrap material, etc., and started to create upcycled, trendy looks. And, I didn’t have to get out of my PJs to do that.

Check out my DIY page to get the low down on DIY fashion projects from recycled materials. I give you simple, clutter-free, step-by-step instructions on creating the look you want.


That takes us up to VINTAGE. History always sheds her sweet and warm, yellow-tinged light on the future. Salient fashion repeats herself, #amiright? My journey would not be complete without my background as a Vintage buying powerhouse. Check out my blog for great info on everything from vintage and ethical shops to traveling tips and minimalism.

If you like what you see, you can get EXCLUSIVE vintage finds and handmade clothing through my online shop.